Don't waste your money on plain resveratrol pills

A laboratory study indicates you would have to take:
plain resveratrol pill for 50 years, or 18,250 pills costing ~$10,000
to activate the same number of longevity genes that
Longevinex® activated in just 12-weeks

(Source: Experimental Gerontology 2008)

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  • Calorie restriction

    Activated 198 genes over 12 week period of time.

    Activated 831 genes over entire life time

    Graph: calorie restriction
  • Resveratrol

    Activated 226 genes over 12 week period of time

    Graph: resveratrol
  • Longevinex®

    Activated 1711 genes over 12 week period time

    Graph: Longevinex®

Why You Are Wasting Your Money Taking Common Resveratrol Pills

In 2008 leading university-based researchers put Longevinex® to the test when they placed laboratory mice on (a) a limited calorie diet, known to double the lifespan of many forms of life; (b) resveratrol-supplemented diet and (c) a Longevinex®- supplemented diet over a 3-month period.

At the end of the trial period, heart tissue from these animals was obtained and analyzed for protein content that determines gene activity. When genes make proteins this is called gene expression and when they cease making proteins this is called gene silencing.

Mice have ~25,000 genes, about the same number as humans, and these genes are similar in length and position as genes in the human genome (library of genes).

The gene analysis revealed that short-term calorie restriction altered 198 genes over the 3-month period. Plain resveratrol altered about the same number of genes, 225. Longevinex® altered 1711 genes, 9-fold more than plain resveratrol.

If these laboratory mice were to continue on a limited-calorie diet over their 3-year lifetime, 831 genes would be significantly altered (see chart).

This suggests that it would take continued life-long use of resveratrol to mimic the full genomic effect produced by a limited calorie diet, an effect which only took 12 weeks to activate with Longevinex®. Longevinex® switched 677 of 831 longevity genes (85%) in the same direction (switched on or off) as a calorie-restricted diet.

This is the closest any commercially available product has come to replicating the genetic effect of calorie restriction.